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Following the release of their folk-tinged single “And Maybe I’m Scared”, London based group Seafarers return with “Virgin Soil”, the next installment from their forthcoming debut album.

Uniting some of the most prominent voices in contemporary jazz, Celtic, and folk music, “Virgin Soil” is a beautifully tender track from the six piece. Articulating grief with candour and heartbreaking intimacy, Lauren Kinsella’s (Snowpoet) vocals are the track’s focal point - poignant and elegant against the soft soundscape.

“My grandfather was an avid gardener and this song was written across his gentle deterioration at the end of his life”, the band’s founder Matthew Herd explains. “Everything was turning in on itself and he appeared so infantile and vulnerable. It was like a return to nature. I remember him comparing life to a garden, that death is essential for new growth. The imagery in the song was drawn from his physical appearance over those last days, paired with the raw ugliness and beauty found in nature.”

The group is made up of a group of talented, diverse musicians. Glasgow-born saxophonist and songwriter Matthew formed Seafarers in 2013 during his studies at the Royal Academy of Music. Touring extensively around the globe with renowned jazz artists such as Misha Mullov-Abbado, Liam Noble, Will Glaser as well as DJ Yoda and Joel Culpepper, his impressive live repertoire is indication of a fully refined artist.

Lauren Kinsella is one of Europe’s most highly revered improvisers, with a prolific output in genres spanning jazz (Kit Downes) to performance poetry (Cherry Smyth). Guitarist Innes White is one of the freshest and most in-demand artists on the Scottish folk scene, and his frequent engagements with the industry’s most established artists (Eddie Reader, Siobhan Miller, Karen Matheson) belie his youth. Long-term musical collaborator, pianist Tom Taylor, is best known for his work in the world of improvised music (duck-rabbit) and his 2020 album release “First Light”. Tom McCredie’s multifaceted work (Elliot Galvin, Rob Luft) has firmly established his reputation as one of the country’s most original instrumentalists and writers. From independent singer-songwriters (Josienne Clarke, The Magic Lantern) to jazz heavyweights (Ivo Neame, Snowpoet), Dave Hamblett’s drumming is a frequent fixture.

Written over the course of four years, Orlando is set for release in Autumn 2020 with live dates soon to follow. Garnering support from Mystic Sons, Americana UK and FMS Magazine, the collective voices on Orlando yearn for freedom as threads of solitude, longing, and an affiliation with the natural world are entangled throughout the 9 track project.


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