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Second single from debut album'' New Under The Sun

Photo by – Ofir Abe | Graphics – Idan Epshtien & Rahel Mugrabi

Tel Aviv artist AGAT displays limitless creativity on her latest Trip-Hop single entitled “Truth Is.” Composed of hard snyths and thrashing bass, the Nir Horowitz-produced track documents the underlying frustration of having to mask one’s true feelings. “Truth is, I’m happy and maybe it’s just me but whatever happened to just feeling free?” she chants in childlike cadence on the track’s exhilarating bridge. A sonic tour de force, AGAT provides a refreshing and honest take on the difficulties of expressing one’s unbounded truth.

Band members: AGAT – Vocals & Keys | Gal Oved – Keys | Nir Horowitz – Bass | Tamuz Dolev – Drums

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Discovered via Musosoup