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The courage to take the first step is defined by two words: DO IT.

Shem's charismatic voice will cast a spell on you as he returns with this powerful pop anthem.

With his number one hit «Crossroads», gold status, two airplay hits and over seven million streams on Spotify, Shem Thomas is one of the most successful Swiss singer-songwriters of recent years. His single «DO IT» heralds his second album «8».

The most essential part of achieving our dreams and goals isn't planning, thinking and hoping for them. It's actually „doing it“. His single «DO IT» is about the moment you take action, and the strength and courage it takes to do so. But it's also about the uncertainty and doubt inherent in these moments. «DO IT» is about taking chances. About daring to win. Even if it turns out differently, a step into action is a step into freedom.

After an intense time writing and producing, Shem Thomas is back with a special mix of organic Singer-Songwriter Pop and Urban Trap. You will be transfixed as his charismatic voice floats like a guiding light over the rich sonic landscapes of his own creation. Even the more light-footed songs on «8» go deep to reveal a mirror of your own soul. In every note and sound, in every line and melody you will find Shem. His music has never been more personal.



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