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Single and Video: EsRAP - Para Queen

Esra Özmen has a passion for subverting stereotypes. In collaboration with her brother Enes, 22 years old, Esra intervenes in the otherwise male-dominated rap genre. Together, Esra and Enes make their voices heard and form the duo EsRAP. They employ German and Turkish language lyrics and sing about women’s equality, the struggle of being strangers in their own country (Austria), and the need to stand up against injustice. Contrary to the predominant style of mainstream rap, Esra, the female half of the duo, takes on the fast rhymes while Enes contributes the melodic vocals. EsRAP’s performances and videos signify resistance and use performative expressions as a tool for communication. EsRAP highlights controversial topics with the aim of prompting listeners as well as politicians to take action on the subjects the duo are most passionate about. EsRAP find their inspiration in Turkish Oriental and Arabesque music and integrate these sounds into the world of modern Hip Hop. After several Mixtapes the duo is now working on their debut Album.

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