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Single-Release: Papenwohld Compilation No2 - Riddle (Neo-Soul)

"Riddle" is a driving, relaxing neo-soul tune composed by Christine Seraphine aka Sera Kalo (USA/Germany) and Jörn Bielfeldt aka JBXDR (USA/Germany). Sera Kalo takes the familiarity of a simple pop frame and combines it with beautiful and rich Jazz harmonies to bring structure, direction and clarity to the enigmatic journey of the mind looking for inspiration. David Häuser aka form is featuring her with his rap lines on her quest for sense and her way out of obscurity.

Papenwohld Artist Residency No2 Compilation

This is the second cultural project around the renowned drummer Jörn Bielfeldt. Nine artist residencies were given to musicians, composers, songwriters and producers as well as three residencies for visual and mixed media artists. They lived under one roof at the Papenwohld yard from August 27th to September 2nd 2018.

The project is endowed for the second time by the ministery of education and cultural affairs of Kiel, Germany.

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