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Siobhan Wilson presents new video from the upcoming album The Departure

It’s been a rewarding few weeks for Scottish singer-songwriter Siobhan Wilson, whose second LP The Departure is due out on Suffering Fools Records on 10th May 2019. Female-led BBC dark comedy Back To Life has just taken over the slot left by the acclaimed Fleabag, and the first episode featured Wilson’s song ‘Terrible Woman’. Meanwhile, Siobhan has been awarded a Momentum Music Fund grant by the PRS Foundation offered to exceptionally talented artists at a crucial time in their career development. Other recipients in this round include Mercury nominee C Duncan and fellow Scottish Album of the Year nominee Kobi Onyame.

This all further raises the anticipation for The Departure, which follows the critical success of Wilson’s 2017, Scottish Album of the Year nominated LP There Are No Saints. Wilson presented songs from the album this week on a BBC Radio Scotland session with Vic Galloway, including an evocative live version of her next single ‘April’.

"It's a song I've written for my teenage self” - listen to Siobhan Wilson in session with Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland discussing 'April', touring, collaborations and her new label - bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004bcv

The Departure is “a poignant celebration of independence”, and Siobhan further explores this theme on 'April' – a defiant hymn to female empowerment and a call to “smash up the ideal way of existing, and promote the idea to create your own existence”.

While the album’s lead single 'Marry You' was a detour into smudgy Siamese Dream alt-rock, 'April' is a delicate finger-picked folk song carried on Wilson’s wistful vocals and misty strings. The title of the song evokes the month, and the season of spring and rebirth, with a reassurance that life is always full of possibility – whether a woman wants to feel powerful, or tough in the face of adversity: “Be like a mountain if you want… or a mountain flower.”

“It’s my way of trying to send a direct message out to do whatever the hell you want with you body, your time, and make your own decisions about your life,” says Wilson.

“Be a mother if you want, find another if you want’, it’s really a reassurance to women who have had these questions, will confront the question of parenthood or are having these same thoughts as part of their life. 'April' looks to give a delicate and friendly voice to millions of people who think – no, a woman is in control of her own body.”

The one-take video for 'April' is an interpretative dance, an expression of communication between three women – initially supporting each other then eventually offering solace to the viewer as the older lead gazes at the camera with Wilson’s advice, “don’t suffer fools” lingering as the song fades out. The lyric resonated so deeply with Wilson that it led to the name of her new record label, as she explains: “The label name Suffering Fools Records was directly inspired by ‘April’. Don’t ever suffer fools means don’t change anything you were doing that was working for you – your life is for exploring and don’t let anybody choose for you if you can possibly avoid it.

“I thought it was funny, because it’s taking the ‘suffering artist’ image and putting it on the label instead, like actually maybe the label is the suffering fool, the idiot, the one losing the most. It’s dry humour and a kind of self-deprecating Scottish joke.”

The Departure follows the critical success of Wilson’s 2017, SAY-nominated album There Are No Saints, and the record expands on ‘April’s themes of identity, fragility and strength.

The Departure is out on Suffering Fools Records on 10th May 2019.

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