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South London singer-songwriter Sipprell returns with ‘Like We Don’t Care’, a first taste of upcoming new music due later this year.

Already established as one of most accomplished songwriters and vocalists in the London R&B scene, ‘Like We Don’t Care’ marks a new chapter for the artist, allowing Sipprell to flex not only her songwriting muscles, but also her incredible soulful vocals on a tune that is equally catchy as it is thought-provoking and insular.

Teaming up with composer George Moore (Banks, Paloma Faith, Kevin Garrett, Lapsley), ‘Like We Don’t Care’ is “a song I wrote about my relationship with my mum,” she says candidly.

“Everyone’s relationship is different, but I grew up with a mother that found it difficult to communicate her feelings freely. I naturally mirrored this behaviour in our relationship which left us harbouring resentment for many years & not being able to open up to each other. Ultimately, it’s about wanting to be honest about your true feelings, that behind the walls we put up out of fear, we care more than anything.''

‘Like We Don’t Care’ is the first single from a long anticipated upcoming EP ‘Bad History’ After taking some time to explore & experiment with new sounds, Sipprell is now back with her strongest work to date. Teaming up with elite producers, including the Grammy award winning Lophile, and Chloe Martini, she set out to make raw, jazz-tinged and impactful R&B. Two tracks on the EP, ‘Planes’ and ‘Mother Knows’ are self-produced and highlight her enduring desire to improve and evolve.

Born into a musical family, Sipprell began songwriting at the age of 10 and started recording her own songs and string arrangements by the age of 14. Her debut single, the sultry electronic soul track ‘Curious’ produced by Ragz Originale (co-producer of Skepta’s award winning Shutdown), saw Sipprell quickly championed by BBC 1Xtra as their ‘Best of British’. Since then, she has become one of the most critically acclaimed artists in her field, building support across the BBC networks as well as in the likes of Complex, Notion, DUMMY Mag and more.

‘Like We Don’t Care’ is the return of a familiar voice, but one with more maturity than ever before, setting her apart from fellow contemporaries and helping Sipprell take shape as one of Britain’s best songwriters and vocalists.

Discovered via Musosoup