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Somehow Jo - Tusk

Release: Somehow Jo - Tusk Format: CD & digital Release Date: November 22th 2019 Record label: Inverse Records Genre: Alternative-progressive metal CountryFinland

Somehow Jo is an alternative-progressive band wrapped in a metal jacket from Tampere, Finland. The band is four friends who come with different backgrounds and musical influences each bringing their own flavor to the stew. Active from 2013 with the current lineup the band charms with super-energetic shows, tight playing and a touch of humor. Somehow Jo keeps crafting their personal sound release after release to keeping it fresh.

TUSK -album

Majority of the songs were composed in a small bunker next to a shady titty bar, what we call our rehearsal place. The driving force trough out the writing process, has been freshness and originality in all of the ideas we’ve brought for the other members to be eaten and then later to be defecated in to a demo of some kind. We noticed early on that our playing as a group had improved and that inspired us to write better and better stuff for each other.

Even though we had created this cycle of inspiration, we felt the need to have some help with wrapping up this original sounding package. After a period of discussing the possible person for the job, we decided to ask Saku Moilanen (Deep Noise Studios) if he’d help us with his laser sharp sense of rhythm and an ear for melody that makes Mozart shake in his grave.

The recording process itself started in the fall of 2017 with the drum tracks, while shaping up the last parts of guitars and bass. When all the drums were done we discovered that bar was now set much higher than ever before in this bands history.

After we got all the bass and guitar parts down and executed them the right way, we wanted some synth gravy on top. Saku started to play and offered us ideas that reeked that same creative quality that we were after. So he got promoted as a producer for the album.

We spended many weekends and drank all the coffee in Kouvola while shaping up the record to its final form. Every time on the bus back home we were exhausted but all of us just knew that something original and truly beautiful was made again. We finished the recording process just in time for Christmas in 2018.

TRACK LIST: 1. Alcoholiday

2. The Fear

3. Mad Town 4. 404

5. Heads and Tails

6. And the Oscar goes to

7. Waiting for midnight

8. Under the setting sun

9. 10 000


Christian Sauren - Vox & Guitar

Sakari Karjalainen - Additional vox & Guitar

Eero Aaltonen - Backing vocals & bass

Lassi Peiponen - Drums

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