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Sonny Elliot share new single ‘New Moon released 25/03/2020’

UK duo Sonny Elliot return with ‘ New Moon’ after receiving support from The Line Of Best Fit, The 405, All Things Go, Atwood Magazine and various American College Radio Stations. Their previous Singles saw them picked up by Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Your Office Stereo and Office Studio playlists. Drawing from a much deeper well of artistic expression, ‘ New Moon’ showcases a more defined and stripped back melancholic sound, with a debut album due for release later in this year.

Sonny Elliot’s recent releases “One Day With You” and “Broken Glasses” acquired online acclaim.

The Line Of Best Fit

"It never feels forced or desperate, and instead is like having some intimate insight into the Peden brother's very private inner feelings and thoughts or reading through their diary. The production is rich with atmosphere where every corner is full of the emotion that enriches the very melodies that float along with beautiful ease."

Atwood Magazine

“Radiating with cinematic magnificence, “Broken Glasses” is truly otherworldly in its emotional strength. Sonny Elliot immerse us in a singular world of love and healing; powerfully emotive and utterly hypnotising, “Broken Glasses” promises to break your heart and heal your soul.”

Austin Town Hall

"There’s a fragility in the vocals, as if they could shatter in midair, crumbling to the floor. Guitars angle and turn behind you, wrapping you up in this blankety of dreamy warmth; it all has this sublime calm effect in the end."

“Our latest single, ‘New Moon’ is a love letter with a real sense of togetherness and being there for each other through the dark and difficult times in life,” says Joseph.

It’s a story and a memory of a relationship. When we’re anxious, scared and feeling vulnerable, it’s not easy to let someone see that side of you, letting them see behind the veil. Yet somehow by doing this it makes us stronger, having someone else's light to guide us with their best intentions, a team, a partnership, love.

“Falling apart feels so easy, but I’ll keep fears away for you” is a lyric in the song that stands out for me. It’s trying to fight off that side of us we all have where we overthink, question and self sabotage until we break the one thing we were trying so hard to keep.

We never like to deal in certainties within our songwriting because life isn’t like that; The only certainty in life is change. Living in the moment is difficult but we do our best to do so. We recorded “New Moon” within a day of writing it in our DIY home studio which we love because it feels very organic and personal for us.

The song was Self Produced by Chris Peden (Vocals and Acoustic Guitar) and Joseph Peden (Electric Guitar and Keyboards).

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