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Stalking Like Candy 'Cause Yr Like Me' Single

The range of genres that Stalking Like Candy draw upon should not unnerve you but rather excite you. Their Art-Rock philosophy of “If it’s not surreal, it’s not real.” has guided their creative journey since 2016, resulting in a hyper-colour debut album, Punctronika, from which they’re releasing the single Cause Yr Like Me.

Stalking Like Candy is Dr J, aka Jamie Q, aka Jamie Quasar - multi-instrumentalist and band leader, Syd Green (ex Mantissa, currently 19-Twenty) producer, aficionado of vintage gear and globetrotting drummer and then there’s Max Sadowski, anarchist videographer and the live members Gabe Herr on bass and Ales Svoboda on drums. 

Stalking Like Candy released their first official single, Can You See The Light in late 2017, a cyberpunk inspired slice of New Wave. The music video features the band members rollerblading around Sydney at night with neon-wheels and hair to match. The track got some great reviews.

Now to say that I love what Stalking Like Candy are doing here is one hell of an understatement! ... Their writing, construction & delivery of "Can You See The Light" borders on the realms of pure genius! - Way Out Radio, UK

2018 sees Stalking Like Candy ready to roll out more of their subversive fantasies with this next single Cause Yr Like Me. Its chant-chorus, twisted synth solo and subliminal anti-Trump message drives like LCD Soundsystem and induces the sublime much like Arcade Fire. Cause Yr Like Me’s video a complimentary extravaganza of lights, smoke and parkour and rollerblading in IKEA.

There’s no stopping Stalking Like Candy, primed with a number of singles and their subsequent videos, Cause Yr Like Me Now is the best example of Punctronika’s surrealist take on life, art and every sound in-between.

Stalking Like Candy play Petersham Bowling Club on 15th February, 2019.

For Fans Of: Arcade Fire | LCD Soundsystem | David Bowie

‘Cause Yr Like Me’ will be in Digital Stores on the 9th of November Punctronika by Stalking Like Candy will be released 23rd of November

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