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Stan Cavier flexes his new single 'Flex'

Stan Cavier has been making a name for himself between both Perth and Melbourne Rap scenes. Between some key features, support slots and his Soundcloud, he is now ready to Flex.

Born and raised in Harare Zimbabwe, Stan Cavier is a native Perth artist who recently started making a name for himself on Soundcloud after his debut track Love Accomplice started gaining momentum. Stan Cavier has had the chance to travel all over Australia alongside of Arno Faraji, opening up for International Artists such as Rejjie Snow, All Day, bbno$. In 2019 he also played the Groovin The Moo (WA) with a few of Perths favourite locals.

The song is about flexing cause we're in such a flex period. 

When you get some new shoes or a new fit, all you wanna do is flex for the gram with your girls or homies, smoke and vibe out, and cause we're stuck at home there’s nothing else to do, we have a lot of free time to get creative. - Stan Cavier

Creating a soundtrack to flex anytime, anywhere was the objective. Stan states “The vibe was to make something that you can play in the house whilst cleaning, or turning up with your friends on a night out.” The resulting joint has a vibe that adapts to your chosen space: Club, car, studio or house.

Stan Cavier has only recently started making music with a flair of all different styles and genres. He plans to take from new school and old school rap, RnB and soul and transcend it all, determined to show his versatility can appeal to all people.

Now that Love Accomplice has gained recognition in his hometown because of his catchy melodic vibes Stan Cavier is working his scenes featuring on DJ Richmore's Good Good and Muka Vhatti’s Huncho SZN. With a growing catalogue of songs, he plans to stay consistent and release more within the upcoming months, giving him more reason to flex.

Flex is available on all digital platforms now



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