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Stay Lunar - Brainshake

Stay Lunar are a 5-piece indie/pop band, formed in Swindon, UK in 2018. Fronted by singer/songwriter Harry Leigh (a skinny, anxiety-ridden human who never thought his brain would allow him to venture into music). The band started as a solo bedroom project, until four brilliant humans wanted in on the action. Harry's dream of creating music from his tiny box room to share with the world was immediately magnified by a bunch that not only believed in the songs but wanted to add their own touch to them. Sadly, the bedroom wasn't big enough for the five of them, so they had to venture into proper venues to find their feet.

Together, Stay Lunar fuse dreamy and funky elements into their riff-fuelled sound, which is sure to get the movers moving, as well as the thinkers thinking - due to the often dark-themed lyrics. Harry's honest words are often a way of relieving himself of pessimistic thoughts, and instead spinning them into hopeful and optimistic pieces, that the guys bring to life and portray in their live performances, which are brimming with positive energy.

The guys will be releasing their debut single 'Brainshake' on Friday 5th April; a song produced by the wonderful Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy of Sugar House (who also work with bands such as Larkins, Mint, Glass Caves, and in the past, Pale Waves and Viola Beach). Following the release, they will be gigging as much as they can before hitting the studio again - They're supporting the excellent Liverpool band SPINN at their Bristol show on 29th May, which promises to be a brilliant night of indie-pop goodness.

In addition to the music, Harry is determined to spread awareness of mental health issues, and is determined to prove to those who suffer, that no matter how bad things get in your head, focusing on a dream is an amazing medicine, and you'll surprise yourself and everyone you know if you put your mind to it. With an exciting bunch of songs waiting to be recorded and released into the world, Stay Lunar have a bright future ahead of them, so listen out.

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