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Steve Todd’s Single, “Country Song in Reverse” will have you spinning for more

Atlanta, April 15, 2019—360 Sessions Recording Studios and Steve Todd, Songwriter just co-produced a single called "Country Song in Reverse" that has already been cleared for airplay in 6 top cities in Georgia. With a modern country rock vibe, the single pays homage to a longtime country great, Johnny Cash with its sing-along lyrics and references to the Post-Millennial Generation.

It makes sense that all the musicians—lead singer Sam Koon, drummer and organist Jeff Mills, lead guitarist Douglas Rees, and bassist Eric Lampley—are all from the South. Clearly, the band members were influenced by Dave atthews Band and Blake Shelton. Producer Jeff Mills is 12-year veteran drummer for Grammy Award winning Chris Thomas King, “O Brother Where Art Thou”.

Few singles have been met with such a warmhearted reception. A song that brings a fresh twist to the old-time country staple about drinking too much, losing your girlfriend, and getting fired from your job. Music lovers of all ages and genres will thoroughly enjoy listening to “Country Song in Reverse” available at all digital music stores on May 10, 2019.

Discovered via Musosoup