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Stock Footage release 'You And Me'

Formed in Chicago back in 2014, Stock Footage are reeling from their triumphant single ‘Broken Together’, which has received notable acclaim within the blog community and success on DSPs. Their latest offering, You and Me, is a cut from a similar cloth and is a culmination of pop flair and noughties indie charm.

Discussing the release Stock Footage explain:

“"You and Me" is the most optimistic song I've written. It's about feeling secure that you're heading in the right direction no matter where life takes you, because it's the people that you spend your life with that are the most important. It was something that I needed to write for myself, but I hope it brings the listener comfort in these uncertain times. A contemplative verse featuring jangly guitar and slinky keyboard contrast with a confident chorus, building up to a soaring horn instrumental break.”

Pioneered by Jake DeRango, he began crafting Stock Footage's unique fuzzy, hook based indie rock sound before dropping their ‘Nerves and Lead’ EP in 2015. Following this was the second extended play ‘Anywhere But Here’ back in 2018. 2020 is now the year of the full-length album and ‘You and Me’ seems to suggest it's well worth the wait.


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