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Stonerpop - Night Terrors

'Night Terrors' is the new single by Stonerpop, taken from the album 'American Dreams' which will be out January 01, 2020.

Stonerpop announces a new dystopian dreamscape to fans with the release of their much-anticipated album, American Dreams. The forthcoming record is a follow-up to their 2018 release, Apollo, and is set to be available everywhere on January 1, 2020.

American Dreams is composed of 10 tracks that take the listener through an ethereal journey about getting stuck in the cheese wheel. The album is about confidence and the lack thereof. It’s about impostors, both real and fake. It’s about failure and the illusion of victory. Stonerpop wants to encourage people to both relax and take action.

Stonerpop is an American electronic duo who craft sounds as diverse as the cultures from which they grew. Jimmie Maneuva and Maudie Michelle discovered overlapping interests in topics and sounds in 2015, when beginning to compose music together. They come from the Deep South and Pacific Northwest, respectively, bringing varied perspectives to the project. Ultimately forming Stonerpop in 2016, they released their first, self-titled, EP. Following their debut, they came to be among five finalists nominated for Best Local Band in DeltaStyle Magazine's 2017 Best of The Delta. In 2018, their music video for the track "Headglow" earned the duo an Official Selection in the African Smartphone International Film Festival.

Stonerpop's music is influenced by a range of artists, including Radiohead, Garbage, Metric, Fever Ray, U.N.K.L.E., and Massive Attack.


Performed and produced in collaboration by Jimmie Maneuva and Maudie Michelle. All tracks written by Jimmie Maneuva and Maudie Michelle. Recorded in Shreveport, Louisiana in the Stonerpop studio. Mixing and mastering by Jimmie Maneuva.

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