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Striking otherworldly 'Looking For' from Hype Machine charting Bear With Me

Århus-based multi-instrumentalist Bear With Me returns with third track ‘Looking For’, which shows a more organic and acoustic side and announces his debut-EP to be released in May. With beautiful vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, floating synths not unlike fellow Nordic acts Röyksopp, Kings of Convenience, Bear With Me is at the center of an eclectic music milieu that comes out of the city of Århus.

With only two singles out, half-dane, half-norwegian, Thorbjørn Kaas and his project Bear With Me, has already been compared to the likes of Air, Tame Impala, Röyksopp, Jaako Eino Kalevi and is a great example of left-of-center alternative indie-pop. The two previous tracks had him charting at Hype Machine and he was highlighted by Deezer in the UK as a one-to-watch artist. The new single continues down the same path – adding to the palette of the Bear With Me sound – and also shows what you can expect of the forthcoming EP – an eclectic mix of alternative pop and indie-pop that weaves songs out of organic and electronic material mastering both the acoustics, analogue and synthetics.

About the track Thorbjørn says: “I wrote the song after being hit by the fever for a couple of days. Suddenly the sun started shining a morning in a cold April and the birds started singing. I grabbed my mother’s guitar and went out in the garden. Having been unable to play for days and leaving it was such a relief to express myself. Originally the acoustic guitar and the vocal harmonies were the only elements in the song. We took the acoustic guitar out of the arrangement when we orchestrated the song as a band, but realized we missed this organic touch”.

The themes of the song bears witness of that maniac state having the fever puts you in, reflecting on how to live your life in hindsight and how this maybe restricts how the present is perceived. So, is it the past or the present we are living for and what is it we are searching for? As for now it is a good track to listen to right here, right now and hopefully a track that will be part of some memories that you can look back on.

The debut single ‘After Me’ and follow-up single ‘Such A Thing’ created quite some buzz in Denmark and abroad, placing the tracks and various playlists on streaming services, radio and the Hypemachine trending chart. Bear With Me was compared to a lot of established acts on the alternative pop and rock scene and the blog Poule D’or seems to coin the project in one sentence:

“It is pure and real, carried by his airy vocals and meandering synths, all beautifully layered, as light and elegant as ivy in a summer breeze”

And that summerbreeze we are longing for during winter is again present with vocal harmonies reminiscing of Crosby, Stills and Nash and synths that sounds of melting ice and the coming of spring.

‘Looking For’ is out February 22 via Copenhagen-based label Møs Møs:

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