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Southampton pop/rock band Sunstreets are a band on a mission with their upcoming single ‘What’s Out There’. Tapping into emotions to capture the feelings, thoughts and struggles of everyday life, intertwined with a unique yet classic guitar-driven sound with lyrical focus. In a saturated male genre, Sunstreets are passionate to encapsulate their roots bringing guitar music and songwriting back to the forefront as a female-fronted band.

Sunstreets is Lisa Vibert (vocals), Matt Cook (guitar) and Sam Turner (drums). Since forming in 2017 and with 2 singles previously self-released (‘Wildfire’ and ‘Only Time Will Tell’), Sunstreets have been making waves locally in venues and festivals throughout 2018 and are set to reach out further afield throughout 2019. Taking influence from icons such as Fleetwood Mac, Stereophonics, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and U2, a hard-working attitude and perseverance shines through as their songwriting is aimed to resonate with people from a variety of backgrounds. A diary of personal observations and feelings, aimed to be written broadly enough to be interpreted by many.

Lisa explains: “What’s Out There was inspired by looking at a busy picture of Brooklyn Bridge. This led to thinking about feelings of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and how we’re all jumping through the hoops we think we're meant to. We’re always looking to the next step and taking the simple things we have for granted. But sometimes we just need to look up once in a while, as you might find that you already have everything you’ve ever wanted but been too engrossed to realise it. “

Upcoming Live Dates:

Friday 31st May – The Spice of Life, Soho

Monday 12th August – The Half Moon, Putney

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