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SUSPENSE Band - Beautiful Excuses

"Hey, why don’t we do a concert with your songs?"

It was something like that Carlos Linhares said to his son Luã, in the middle of 2012, in the city of Belo Horizonte - Brazil. It seemed like a good idea to the young songwriter, who then rescued those songs that were waiting for years to come out to the world. There was born the dream of the SUSPENSE Band, which today already aims the international public. Since that first show, many new songs were created, mixing the audacity of Progressive Rock with the energy of Pop music, with a delicious jazzistic spice.

SUSPENSE has original songs with lyrics in English, full of synthetizer riffs, guitar solos and remarkable melodies. In 2016 the band released the music of the song “Stranger Things”, inspired by the Netflix series. In 2018, they released their first album, “Suspense”, that is available in all main digital streaming platforms. In 2019, the band released the music video of the song “Beautiful Excuses”.

The unique sound of SUSPENSE Band comes from the compositions of the singer, keyboardist and music producer Luã Linhares. The other members of the band, Luciano Soares (guitar and backing vocals), Carlos Linhares (bass) and Nelson Simões (drums) were members of the progressive rock band Arion, that released and album in 2001 by the french label Musea, and opened international concerts, including the legendary dutch band Focus. Each song of the SUSPENSE Band is composed to be an unique work of art, original and complete. You could wonder how would be those songs based on these clues, but only by actually listening the true spirit of the songs is revealed.

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