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Swedish hard rockers Blister Brigade released a music video from their upcoming third studio album!

Swedish hard-rocking riff machine Blister Brigade is set to release their third studio album Slugfest Supreme on February 21st 2020 by Inverse Records

The band released a first single 'Venomous Twister' along with music video.

The band commented Venomous Twister single:

"The track kinda represents our new "sound" which is a bit harder than on previous records."

Slugfest Supreme is the third album by Swedish hard-rock´n´rollers Blister Brigade. This eleven-track album is a riff-based, hard hitting and heavy creation that blends classic hard rock with razorsharp heavy metal.

With powerful and edgy tunes, Blister Brigade has turned up the heat on an already fiery sound and recorded their best and most relentless album up to date. Slugfest Supreme contains both fast and heavy songs and also more mellow and acoustic material witch makes the album varying without losing any focus on the bands distinct sound.

Blister Brigade offers simply a pure lethal dose of Swedish street metal.

Album cover art by Christian Wallin

News story provided by Inverse Records