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Tadhg Daly ‘Hits the Ground’

Born and bred Jersey boy Tadhg Daly, returns with Indie-ballad track ‘Hit The Ground’ that is now released on all major streaming platforms. With an exclusive audio premiere from Atwood Magazine, the publication quotes -

“An independent London-based singer/songwriter, Tadhg Daly emerged in

late 2018 as a new but already well-developed voice. “

Having over 75k Spotify streams on Daly’s latest track ‘Fires’, you can expect nothing less than a heart-warming alternative styled saga.

Tadhg exclaims that ‘Hit the Ground’ “is a really important song to me. It sort of represents what I consider to be my "re-birth" as a person. That may sound terribly cheesy, but I can’t think of another way to put it.”

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The singer then continues to quote, that the track is about “letting go of the fear that stops us from pursuing what we love and prevents us from being the version of ourselves we dream of being.” Which is represented by the ‘guiding’ voice in the track that represents his caring family, especially his mother that he describes her as a ‘spiritual guru’, a message that Tadhg reflects within the song.

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