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‘Lucky Land’ is an epic anthem that explores the pure and blissful moments of self-discovery that people can have when travelling.

Following on from the recent anthems, ‘Mountain Man’ and ‘Real Me’, Witkowski has added to his unique ‘big sound’ theme with ‘Lucky Land’. A distinct feature of Lucky Land is the use of a cello-bowed electric guitar. This luscious, atmospheric sound harmonies perfectly with Witkowski’s powerful and emotive vocal style.

As the song’s journey progresses, the atmospheric bowed guitar blends with massive cymbals, a powerful vocal hook, and layers of rich, distorted guitar. Inspired by bands such as Bon Iver, Gang of Youths, and Sigur Ros – ‘Lucky Land’ is a combination of Post-Rock atmosphere and Indie-Rock beauty.

‘Lucky Land’ was written by Witkowski in 2018 on a “life-changing” journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

“I was sitting alone on the longest train journey in the world, watching the world go by, thinking how unbelievably lucky I was to be enjoying such a moment. Travelling through Siberia gave me time to think about what I really wanted in life, and allowed me to make some decisions to change it for the better. As we travel, not only do we get to experience new people, places, and cultures, but sometimes we also discover a new, pure side of ourselves. I wanted to capture that moment forever, and that’s how ‘Lucky Land’ was born.”

‘Lucky Land’ is Witkowski’s second release of the year as his fanbase and online presence continues to grow through engaging content. ‘Lucky Land’ is another step towards Witkowski’s debut EP, which is expected to be released towards the end of the year.



Posted by Ben Witkowski