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Tamara Bubble challenges you to show solidarity by "Standing Here United"

Tamara Bubble fed up! Standing Here United was produced by @soulplusmind and penned because Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison, and Jonathan Mattingly are the 3 U.S. police officers who murdered Breonna Taylor and still haven't been arrested for it, COVID is running rampant and continuing to take lives due to poor leadership in our country, and #45 is a psycho that might actually get another 4 years in office if we don't make an effort to have him voted out in November! Tamara Bubble is no stranger to aggression in her bars and real spit so it's no surprise that Standing Here United is a prime example of her powerful protest rap, but somehow Tamara still manages to cordially invite us all to show solidarity and join us in the fight for an uncorrupt democracy and equality for all because BLACK LIVES MATTER! Always have and always will #BubbleOnDeck smarturl.it/standinghereunited

Tamara Bubble also lands 3 commercials in Belgium! [Mooimakers Recycling Campaign]. Check em out below.