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Tamara Bubble Clowns All the 'Big Haters' in New Single "Dictator"!

‘Big Haters’ Beware! Tamara Bubble will definitely hurt your feelings in her bold new single “Dictator”. Tamara takes shots at opinionated, unsupportive dudes from beginning to end on a hauntingly saucy trap beat produced by Chicago based @jmixx. We think the track should be called ‘lil dictator’ because Tamara Bubble mockingly makes it clear that women are bosses and no ‘lil dictator’ can tell you what to do when you're already making moves sis … female empowerment record at its finest! 

BONUS: Tamara Bubble even attributed the artwork to Trump, who she credits as the biggest ‘lil dictator’ in American history and gives a shout out to Melania for keeping her lil dictator in check. We don’t know how much longer she can tolerate his shenenigans, but press play and watch the compilation video below! #BubbleOnDeck