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Temperature Falls Deliver Atmospheric Alternative Rock/Tri-Hop Single ‘Cut The Wire’

Temperature Falls returns for their latest alternative rock single ‘Cut The Wire.’ The release delivers groovy instrumentation, a down-tempo beat, a driving bassline, and an energetic vocal by Camilla. The song is about how much you would do just to survive. You will try to hang on to the life as far as you can, even beg for a chance to come back. But we all have that final point, when you just can’t handle it anymore and the whole situation turns. Now you will just do the opposite, and beg them to ‘cut the wire’ ‘Cut The Wire’ will put the listener in a state of trance with its mesmerizing music and subtle elements. Camilla’s vocal adds a feel-good, uplifting feeling to the production. Paired with the drums, the vocal will give the listener a surge of energy. ‘Cut The Wire’ gives the listener a strong message that will inspire them. The contrast between sections adds another level of energy and anticipation, making ‘Cut The Wire’ engaging overall. Temperature Falls continue their rise with their eclectic style and uplifting music.

Temperature Falls is an emerging band that started out of coincidence in Norway. Composed of Ian J. Ward and Camilla, Temperature Falls delivers a versatile sound grabbing inspiration from boom-bap beats to contemporary music. Initially meeting at a party, Ian and Camilla got in the studio a few weeks later. They instantly made a connection music-wise and has led them to become the next must-listen band. Their eclectic style and soothing vocals will leave the listeners wanting more. Temperature Falls is a band to keep your eyes on and ears out for as they are set to leave their footprint in the music scene.

Discovered via Musosoup