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The Dogshit Boys from Finland celebrate 20 years by releasing their first full length album

The album has been released on 12” vinyl, cd digipack and the finnish label Inverse Records will release the album digitally.

Throughout the years the Dogshit Boys from Helsinki, Finland have released their music on a number of EP:s, 7” singles, splits, DIY copied c-cassettes and the closest they have come to an album was the 10” named “Puke!” in 2014.

In 2018 the band was on the verge of breaking up when the guitarist Simon and founding member and bass player AG quit the band.

Original Dog and vocalist La55e Dog and the drummer since 2002, Leo Dog, decided to carry on.

In a strike of good luck they found new members HC Dog and Vicious Dog for guitar and bass duties.

The fresh lineup marks the rebirth of The Dogshit Boys.

With all members contributing with new material the band recorded 10 tracks at Wolfthrone studios out on the countryside in Ostrobotnia. The studio has a good reputation for punk and black metal and the more aggressive and tougher edge to the new songs benefited excellently from the treatment at Wolfthrone.

The first singles “Aivoradio” and “Flashrock Massacre” (featuring Kalevi Helvetti) are out on Spotify by Inverse Records and the third single “Brown Gold” is out on March 24. Finnish punk legend Pertti Kurikka aka “Kalevi Helvetti” (Kalevi Hell) is featured on the title track. He became famous in the prize winning documentary films “The Punk Syndrome” and “The Punk Voyage” about the unique punk band “Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät” whose members are all developmentally disabled. Kurikka and his band represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 before disbanding. Kurikka was the guitar player in PKN and after retiring he has made a career of sorts under the pseudonym Kalevi Hell performing spooky spoken word/ambient horror stories. This is the first time he makes a guest appearance on an album.

We hope you’ll give the album a listen!

News story provided by Inverse Records

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