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The Ghost and The Machine release video for "Slow Skies"

The three Austrians from The Ghost and The Machine release their new single "Slow Skies" from the upcoming album today, which will be released again by the fine Viennese label Noise Appeal Records. With the video for the single "Slow Skies" The Ghost and The Machine deals with the phenomenon of toxic masculinity. Lived stereotypical and dogmatic role models often make it difficult for men to allow or feel certain emotional aspects. Often they have not learned to do so - because an Indian knows no pain. The consequences are profound social effects such as the maintenance of patriarchy and thus of certain power structures as well as the difficulty to meet each other at eye level. A change would be necessary for a more humane coexistence. A turning point in the lives of many men would be necessary, a turning point which would have social consequences. This upheaval, this turning point was tried to be captured with pictures. Images that open associative mental spaces.

Images that show human vulnerability and helplessness. But no matter how helpless and powerless we feel as human beings, maybe we should look up more often instead of down. Up to the lazy sky.

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