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The Herron Brothers announce Christmas single

Following on from the September release of debut album “The Last One’s Left”, the accompanying singles, and triumphant October UK tour, Paul and Steven bookmark the end of their breakthrough year with a glorious tune with “Number 6 in the charts” written all over it in fake spray can snow.

“Ho ho ho, Green Giant” -  Santa Claus

Ignoring any trends or genre identification, and perhaps the first Christmas classic in waltz time, the song features both violin and accordion solos, all wrapped up in the most catchy Christmas chorus you’ll hear this year.

“Christmas isn’t all fun and games for everyone as you know” says Paul, “it can be a tough time especially for those who feel isolated or haven’t had a great year”

“It’s a song about hope” chimes in Steven, “and more importantly about using the things that go wrong and building on them to make a better future”.

“Yeah, you know just like all the world leaders tend to do” sneers Paul with a face like a knackered Spaniel.

With an accompanying video due for release on the same day, featuring the brothers as you’ve never seen them before, “Don’t Be Lonely This Christmas” follows on from the boys last single “Michael Palin”.

Praise for ‘Michael Palin’

“Groovy and uplifting” - ITSEZBREEZY

“Instantly catchy and imbued with a quintessential British charm” - Photogroupie

Praise for ‘The Last Ones Left’ album

“There is not a weak song on this album” - LAmusicCritic

“Really good songwriting, great upbeat pop” - Getintothis

“Quirky ‘n’ clever stuff” - FabricationsHQ

“Charming, catchy, folky, poppy anthems” - Rocking Magpie

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