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The Herron Brothers - “High Risk” Video

Single cover by Catalonian artist Arvon Wellen

“A cracking Indie song, with a climate conscious message that makes you wanna sing? I don’t believe it!!” - Phil Spectrum

Harking back to the sound of early REM, and layered with Beatlesque harmonies, “High Risk” is a grand addition to a strong lineage of pop songs highlighting a serious subject, yet framed within an upbeat tempo and memorable melody.

“We didn’t set out to make the lyrics about climate change and the world’s leaders’ seeming inability to do anything particularly grown up about it”  says Paul in a typically brusque manner. “but once that line popped into my head (‘High Risk of floating away’) in response to Steven’s guitar line, I knew what the song was about”

A screenshot of the visually arresting video for new single “High Risk”.

“No one wants their pop music to be preachy” responds Steven, “but I think we’ve done a pretty decent job of avoiding that whilst still getting the point across, and the more observant listener may notice the presence of a certain famous red capped twit within the short story we tell!” he laughs.

Strikingly backing up the song and its subject matter is the accompanying video, using the lyrics to graphically represent “the mess we’re in, with us looking ruffled and moody in the background” details Paul.

Steven laughs, “Yeah that’s our new look! We’ve tried young and trendy looking, no chance, and we’ve tried cool and handsome, again, no chance, so it’s ‘ruffled and moody’ all the way now!”

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“It reminds me of some of the great modern country summer bangers. Great stuff” - Martyn Williams, BBC Radio

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“Fantastic track certain to get your feet tapping in uncertain times” - Adam Jeffrey Coast and County Radio

“If you’re looking for a vibrant, colourful track that will instantly lift your spirits, make you dance round the room and down the road as well stick this on!” - Chrissy M Susy 103.4 FM