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The Kiddiwinks ‘Elephant In The Room’ Out Now

‘Elephant In The Room’ is the first single out from the The Kiddiwinks new stuff. They had previously released an EP on physical support only called ‘Wicked Leisure’. From that first work all we can hear on digital platforms is ‘Let Me Feel Free’. Last November the band got together to write new music with a specific goal: music for the stage show. This song is a good sample of what their new stuff sounds like.

The song was born from a vocal improvisation over a very simple rockabilly guitar riff.

“All I had to read to make up some lyrics was this artwork that had ‘All You Need Is Love’ written on it so I went with it”.

In fact the most reoccurring line in the song is exactly the famous Beatles song’s chorus and title. In the lyrics, though, the theme of love is explored from a different perspective, less spiritual and more psychological.

The Kiddiwinks are committed to bringing that vibe that was around in the golden years of rock ’n’ roll when it was a movement, when it wasn’t just music. Remarkable influences are bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Black Keys, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Jack White.

Their style is taking shape as they write new music and get influenced by different artists and musical scenes.

Their target is the large audience, they love Rock and Roll but they don’t mind being palatable for everyone.

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