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The Last Morrell & Caitlyn Scarlett collaborate on 70s style black swan ballet 'A Comedy'

Raised in a small Yorkshire town, emerging artist The Last Morrell has already performed alongside BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter Tom Odell and exciting jazz four-piece Ezra Collective, as well as a set at BBC Introducing Live last year. He also performs as a session musician, hiding at the back of the stage playing keys and guitar for ‘alternative soul’ artist VC Pines and prodigal talent Caitlyn Scarlett. The latter joins him on his new single ‘A Comedy’ out 12th March.

A Comedy’ is the story of a couple who’ve been arguing for hours, they’ve lost sight of why they started fighting and it’s become more about who wins the argument than who is right or wrong. The song follows the aftermath of this argument as the couple try to get their connection back, calling to each other to let their guard down and find comfort in each other’s arms again. ‘A Comedy’ is about a communication breakdown between two people who ultimately love each other.

With over 10 million streams on Spotify, Caitlyn Scarlett is an exciting addition to the track, softly harmonizing The Last Morrell’s sultry McCartney-esque whispers with oozing honey-like tones. Vintage organ rays and twinkling guitars set the backdrop for the duo’s yearning and self-reflective nostalgia.

Similar to The Last Morrell’s last single ‘Another Boy’, it’s a warm track that draws on classic 70s influences with confidence and ease yet weaves seamlessly into a modern paradigm which twists and turns like a black swan ballet. ‘A Comedy’ offers somewhere between a stunning duet that recalls the chemistry of past love duets like ‘I Got You Babe’ to ‘Islands In The Stream’ fused with peak Wings and Fleetwood Mac. This is quality music.

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