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The Lighthouse releases new single Cover Story

'Songs that feel like Fridays': that’s how the band from Leuven in Belgium describes their own music. According to The Lighthouse, Fridays - or rather Friday evenings - are intended to blithely immerse yourself in the night. That can happen with either rousing beats and catchy lyrics or with a heady layering of guitar and synths that brings about vision of mysterious nighttime fantasies.

Their recipe has been proven successful with a long list of highlights. With over 200 shows that brought them as far as the infamous Sziget Festival in Budapest and to a lot of renowned local stages and festivals. In 2017 they got picked up by national broadcaster StuBru as one the country’s most promising acts and received airplay on a variety of radio stations in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Their debut album 'Whatever Comes Our Way' will see the light of day on 27 September 2019 and it is produced by multi-platinum producer Huub Reijnders (NL). Expect a varied selection of intelligent pop songs that builds on their previous work, but clearly displaying an evolution into The Lighthouse as a mature band. More than ever, the new songs take the listener along on a trip into their universe of sultry summer evenings and wild adventures… but also of doubt and growing responsibility, whilst their youthful years slowly come to an end.

The album tells tell the story of two people falling in and out of love throughout their lives. Each track zooms in on a particular moment in the timeline of their relationship and asks the question whether or not the two are actually a good fit.

Cover Story finds the protagonists after a summer where they could totally emerge in the bliss of the relationship, but were isolated from their home-environment. With the responsibilities of real life lurking around the corner, the girl is questioning the survival chances of their surreal summer adventure and he is trying to convince her that their relationship has real value by reminiscing the simplest things that make their bond tangible beyond the utopian setting of summer holiday.

The track and album are produced by multi-platinum producer Huub Reijnders (NL) and mastered by Robin Schmidt (1975, Phoenix, TDCC, …)

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