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The Links - Take It Away

The Links are an alternative band from Lafayette, LA, specializing in a variety of sounds and genres ranging from funky psychedelia to raging, stoner-rock inspired jams enveloping from softer and more atmospheric beginnings.

Their latest song, “Take It Away,” began as an impromptu sound check which was developed further until a full-fledged song emerged. Taking the form of something between a modern post-punk track and ethereal art pop, “Take It Away” isn’t quite like anything the band have done before yet it’s not a complete 180 from their most recent material either.

The EP as a whole is equally explorative, including some of the band’s most spacy, blissed out material yet as well as their deepest foray into doom metal tones with songs like “Boxed Wine” and an undercurrent of melancholia and introspection throughout.

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