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The Mechanical Ghosts Release 'The Monster' EP

Electronic pop-rock band The Mechanical Ghosts recently released its ‘The Monster’ EP on June 20th. Full of epic cinematic energy, our music merges explosive beats with rich textures, immersive sonics and deep melancholy lyrics. It's a blend that bridges the gap between modern and vintage technology, loaded with pop-like melodies and the digital soul of the 80s in its synth-heavy energy.

Phillip Killingsworth (vocals, bass, guitars, keys/synthesiser) and Tyla-Joe Connett (drums, keyboards, guitar, bass) were once next-door neighbours and long-time friends. In February 2020, they began writing what became The Mechanical Ghosts, which was recorded between Yorkshire, England and Tuscany, Italy. In fact, towards the finalising of recording the debut, Killingsworth almost never made it home to the UK due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions in both countries. Connett still ended up being in lockdown in Italy

Influenced by the sounds and era of bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, White Lies, Daft Punk and futuristic classics like Tron and Bladerunner, as well as the atmospheric tracks associated with Hans Zimmer and Vangelis, The Mechanical Ghosts is an artistic project that aims to deliver an immersive cinematic experience through its use of mechanical verve and deep soulfulness to create an uplifting but melancholy retro vibe.

The Monster is also a lyrical journey that processes Killingsworth’s positive and negative life experiences and personal perceptions of contemporary society and culture that many listeners may be able relate to.

Tracks like ‘The Beast’ embody some of the darker themes surrounding Killingsworth's personal journey, which explores how the pressures of contemporary society influence us into turning ourselves into somebody that ultimately we don't wish to be. Others like ‘Call To The Wild’ focus on the idea of escaping from anxieties and expectations, but always holding dear to that particular person in our lives that anchors us.

Already the band is starting to make waves, having been a regular with Alan Raw on BBC Introducing Humberside with a radio interview appearance featuring the debut single ‘The Beast’. As part of the Best of the Summer 2020 on BBC Introducing Humberside, Raw quoted the band as ‘lyrically interesting’ adding that the ‘music and the production was to a high standard’.



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