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The new single and video from Dublin's Skyfever

Despite the global pandemic, isolation and social distancing measures, they dared to produce the video this ‘song of the moment’ deserved.

When the lockdown was announced, months of planning, artistic direction and an amazing ‘Dante’s 7 Deadly Sins’ concept, vanished with no end or solution in sight. 

The band were faced with the disaster of a great song with no video.

Then one day, Tyson came across a storm glass in his attic and upon seeing his reflection through it, the concept of the new video came to him.

They delved into the magic of the everyday, dealing with isolation and struggle against the odds to wake up to your truth.

People are beginning to see that Skyfever are a band that make things happen.

They create a way, out of no way.

"Skyfever, a truly epic track. Love the almost goth-like overtones it has, blissfully dark! The vocal is a killer and the lyrics have particular relevance at the moment "I just wanna survive" and "I'm pushing through the storm”..”Chris Straw, producer Bauer Radio.

Bio information:

Dublin’s Skyfever are still celebrating their previous single 'Keep Pounding’ being the anthem of the Carolina Panthers games in the NFL, and promises to make an even bigger impact at their 75,000 seater Bank of America Stadium next season:-)

They've already got the support of rock gods such as Chris Slade of AC/DC and the great Alice Cooper, who gave them their big radio break in the US.

With Kerrang! Radio’s Johnny Doom believing they are ‘poised to take over the world’ and a recent addition to the Planet Rock Radio playlist, they have an exciting year ahead with the release of their single ‘The Wait’ and their eagerly awaited debut album.

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