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The new single from The Heartland Collective

Michael Johnson AKA The Heartland Collective is a 47 year old new artist releasing music for the first time. 

Hailing from Durham, North East England, Michael uses a collective of musicians from the UK and from around world to create the Heartland Collective's sound.   

He’s the founder and the drummer of the band and other members of “the collective” are from Durham and other parts of the UK, as well as Austria, Netherlands, Canada, The United States and even Ecuador

Influenced by Sex Pistols, Foo Fighters and Tom Petty, The Heartland Collective could all be a "mid life crisis" but hopefully the debut single 'I Just Don't Know' sounds as fresh as a rock 'n' roll daisy!

On the song, Michael Johnson says; “I Just Don’t Know has been produced in a true collective fashion. I use artists from around the world, soaking up their influences and unique talents to create the Heartland's sound. This track is a refreshing take on the grittier points of rock, punk, and alternative - all thrown together in a blender”. ‘I Just Don’t Know’ was released on Friday May 31st and is available on all major streaming platforms.  

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