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The Night ~ New single is out now!

Narrow Skies are really excited to share with you The Night - the third release of their Earth project. The song is a bit different to their first two releases 'I Wonder' and 'When It’s Gone', and harks back to the sound of some of the songs on their Seasons album.

The lyrics lean into the abstract, reflecting on the healing properties of rest and darkness, and the beauty that is found in the night…

Tell your heart: don’t hide away

For the night was made for times like these

Let the dark hold your pain

In a whisper only we could understand…

Capturing the essence of the night through the instrumentation was always their intention — with breathy vocals to depict peaceful sleep while all of the ‘night’ sounds you hear in the track are of local field recordings they made on their ‘home’ island of Ma Wan, Hong Kong!

Tell your heart: don’t fade away

For the night was made to save us

Let the dark carry this pain

With a voice only we could understand…

Writing this music, which is inspired so much by the world we live in, seems timely and they hope it provides time for us all to pause and reflect on where we are and where we want to be.

Narrow Skies are also super thankful to Ben’s sister Louisa, who recorded the viola parts for The Night all the way from Sweden (she previously made an appearance in their Acoustic Sessions EP a couple of years back).