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The Phantom of Phobos - The Uninvited - lyric video and digital single out now

Digital single "The Uninvited" is the title track from the upcoming 3-track EP, "The Uninvited", which will be released alongside the physical release of The Phantom of Phobos’ full-length debut album "From a Dead Channel" scheduled to release on 5.4.2019.

The atmospheric song is fabricated with a collected pace, using a generous amount of pristine instruments, harmonies and arpeggios. Underneath the gradual build-up lies a creeping and inconsolable pressure of inevitable, lurking malevolence. The story made familiar by the previous single saturates when the masks come off.

The whole The Uninvited EP has absorbed strong influences from continuous tension and soundtrack harmonies present on horror and thriller movies. The three intertwining songs are represented with highly cinematic quality.

"The Uninvited" digital single will be available 19.3.2019 accompanied by a chilling lyric video edited and produced by Jenni Kantis. See the video below

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