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The Rhymes with single "Säffle"- Homage to their hometown, a small town

"Narrow-minded, stupid, reactionary. There's so much prejudice towards small towns. Sometimes I've not said that I'm from Säffle because of all the comments", says Tomas, singer of Swedish indie band The Rhymes. 

The song "Säffle" shows another side of smalltown life and wants to eradicate the conflict between city and countryside. Like in October, when the Rhymes received standing ovations from a nearly 2 000-strong audience supporting Mando Diao: "We played "Säffle" live and it was euphoric to see the Stockholm audience putting their hands in the air and cheering loudly afterwards. Same thing in Berlin last month. This song is an accolade to the smalltown people all over the world. Against everything negative written about it, showing the other side: the openness."

"Säffle" is also the town, where Tomas organized several Pride Events, without any expectation of people showing up, the outcome with several thousand people surprised everyone. The album is going to be released 17.04.

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