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The second single from ‘Human History’ - The Light of Your Soul - Out Now

5 weeks after his debut single ‘Choose Your weapon’ Robert follows up with an emotive and inspiring track that simply anyone struggling with grief or uncertainty should hear.

‘The Light of Your Soul (Feed the Earth)’ Far from downbeat or melancholic, is in fact a celebration of life and an affirmation of hope. Inspired to write the lyrics in tribute to one taken too young, Robert elaborates…

“I chose this second song because I simply couldn’t wait any longer to share it with the world. It’s an emotionally charged left turn for me; one unfortunately brought about by tragic circumstances. As far as I recall, this is the first time I’ve written lyrics directly relating to just one individual; and it’s not even someone I had the honour of meeting in person.

As an atheist who had a very strong religious upbringing, death is a very conflicted subject matter; one I’ve possibly given too much thought to over the years. The song comes from a place of hope, celebration and tribute; certain elements firmly rooted in beliefs I held as a youth. Even though death is no doubt a solo journey; the thought of there being not only something on the other side, but also someone waiting to greet us, is a very potent image whatever your beliefs.

This person had been through a lot emotionally, but had surfaced from the other side fighting: strong, determined and compassionate. It’s one thing to find the inner strength to pull yourself up, improving your own quality of life in the process; it takes a certain spirit to then encourage others to do so too. This remarkable woman supported so many people on a daily basis. Never afraid to look silly, drop an f-bomb or 3, or share stories of a difficult past suffering with mental illness. Often, anxiety, depression & self-loathing can be the pitfalls, that only those who allow themselves to feel the deepest of emotions, find themselves in.

Losing any good soul is tragic, however one so young will always feel more so; having had so much further lifeforce to share with the world; no doubt a story cut short. I’m not afraid to admit that during the creation of the song, a tear or two was shed, sometimes accompanied by laughter as I said aloud “you hate this song don’t you!”

I can only hope that it’s simultaneously a fitting tribute, whilst the sentiment universal.

At such an uncertain time, regardless of belief… we all need hope.