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"The Sound Of Silence" Video and Single Is Out!

It's one of the most iconic songs in American music. Several weeks ago, we asked our Facebook fans what their favorite song is. And of the millions of songs in the world, an impressive number mentioned this song, and for good reason. We hope you like our tribute to this classic. You can watch the official video we did on YouTube. Stream on your favorite service, and download from iTunes and Amazon.

"Fools," said I. "You do not know — silence, like a cancer, grows." This song by Simon & Garfunkel is one of the most iconic in all of music, and its words still mean so much. We believe Paul Simon was warning of the perils of not communicating with each other; the things that can happen when we don't stare our differences and demons in the face and commit to get through them. This video is our tribute to that spirit and a reminder to heed the lessons of the past while promising to talk through the problems of our present and future. We intend for it to impact you positively, and thank you Paul Simon for a timeless song — we hope we did it justice.

If you like the song, please be sure to save it and playlist it on your favorite streaming service and subscribe on YouTube! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and upcoming holiday : )

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