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The Super Late Night Release Mess

After displaying his talent for bending genres with his first three singles 'Honey', 'If Not Now, Then When?' & 'Falling Asleep', there is absolutely no sign of slowing down for Manchester Based songwriting and producing solo act The Super Late Night. His upcoming fourth single 'Mess' leans far further into the worlds of Rock and Pop Punk than any of those previous, a fresh and fervent take on modern rock with Super's signature synth embellishments decorating the overdriven and impassioned musical landscape.

'Mess' was released on Friday 23rd October via Homefire Recording Co.

Fusing decades-worth of genres, few can lay claim to establishing their sound so early on, yet TSLN is breaking genre boundaries and producing eclectic and versatile music time and time again. Blending euphoric synth melodies, delicately crafted guitar work and arena-sized vocal hooks, the is downright likeable pop music with an inimitable edge.

When asked about the lyrical and musical content of 'Mess', TSLN had this to say - "I tried to be careful not to come across like too much of a victim when I was writing this, the song is clearly about the aftermath of a messy relationship, and though at the time I was frustrated and sad, as the song developed it felt more like an anthem of empowerment than a 'woe, is me' tune. It's more about addressing the situation and moving forwards than it is about feeling sad, but I still wanted the arrangement to feel somewhat 'Messy' hence the tempo changes and dirty guitars".

'Mess' is the alt-rock antidote for the post-breakup blues you need in your life.