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The voyage to Chrome Serpentis has started - Finnish AJATON released it's epic cyberpunk-track!

AJATON promo picture by Patrik Nuorteva

Young space marine Conrad Faraday escapes from the chaos of Berlin and the evil hands of the mighty Selke -corporation. Devastation, fear and desperation in his heart he throttles his Nebir 274 -ship's protonengines and set's the course towards the red giant; Antares. The old legend tells a story of Chrome Serpentis; a frozen moon in the constellation of Alfa Scorpii. Our young marine heard the rumours of this mysterious place when he was still a young rebellion. The legend says that a mighty mage with mysterious powers live in that cold and forbidden place. Chrome Serpentis is the final destination to find any hope.

AJATONis the new wave of techno combined in a laserproof vest of Finnish melancholy, darkness and aurora borealis. It’s a distorted wall which crushes the ones wandering spirit on the neonlight streets of 2067. ALL HAIL AJATON!

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