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The acoustic duo James & Lucy decided to head in the direction of a more dynamic sound at the start of 2020. To embrace this new venture, the pair added a few more members (Charlie + Max) and changed their name to 'The Wattles’. A Wattle, is a native Australian flower.

The Wattles are excited to show everyone their latest single ‘Days Glare’, which will also be accompanied by a music video when released this May 8th. This track is the third single released by The Wattles, since the end of 2019.

‘Days Glare’ is an intriguing, piano and vocal-led song with solid rhythm and drive. It starts with a mysterious ambiance and builds throughout with different textures from vocals, electric guitar, drums and synth parts. The song has a hip-hop-like groove with raw, ballad influences.

The music video plays with shadow, light and liquid textures. This clip has sort of a vintage, ‘Bond’ feel to it.

Conceptually, Days Glare is an honest internal dialogue; a stream of thought. It lightly explores the idea of leaving long-term relationships, playing around with these opposing feelings towards independence… sadness but also freedom, fear but also excitement, spiralling or stagnancy.

The ‘glare’ refers to that ‘Sunday’ feeling after a night out; morning sun through your window, heaviness in your eyes, temporary struggles - yet the satisfaction of doing your own thing.

The track was written by lead vocalist and keys player Lucy Murray. This track was produced by Lee McDonald and James Suttor (lead guitarist) at The Factory Studios in Sydney and mastered by Complete Sound Studio.