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What goes up, must come down. An old saying which holds a lot of truth about the tragic of being human. It was the late great Jim Morrison who famously sang the line The end is always near. So no matter how triumphant our victories may be, the transience of each moment can't be denied at any point in time. However, we keep on striving for the impossible, knowing that any keen undertaking eventually must be in vain. And that's what THE WEIGHT's new single EXPLOSION is all about.

Even when failing seems imminent there can still be a lot of fun in it. In fact THE WEIGHT's music is hard rocking and bouncing all over the place and behind all that moaning and groaning of EXPLOSION one can easily sense the excitement and satisfaction of a well oiled rock'n'roll machine. Consequently, in the second half of EXPLOSION there are no more words needed to reach a final climax and thus the end of a true musical adventure. There may be an end to anything except for the repeat button.

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