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These rock-weirdos from Jyväskylä, Finland will blow your brains out with their upcoming debut EP!

Unknown Decoy has been working on their debut EP "Seeking The Sun" for a good while. The album demonstrates the band's musical style from one extreme to the other. These five songs include poppy singing melodies, merciless screaming and even ruthless screeching. The whole splendor is driven by thick and sturdy hard-rock guitars that switch from slow stoner-riffs to more fast-paced parts. The lyrics tackle on various topics such as mental health, world politics and a love for Lada. The band however wants to leave their music open to the listeners' interpretation.

First piece from the EP is now out as single and music video "Davaj!".

Unknown Decoy is a boundary breaking hard-rock trio from Jyväskylä. In their music the band creates an experimental mix of old school rock 'n' roll and more modern metal. Catchy singing melodies and animalistic rasp-singing take turns dynamically within the songs. The whole package is tied together with beefy guitar riffs in the spirit of Black Sabbath.

The band comments the video:

"We went to see the movie "Heavy Trip" and later saw the van from the film on someone's yard. We jammed our instruments, lights and cameras inside and played our, perhaps most cramped up show ever!"

"On the morning of our second day of filming our singer drove his car in a ditch in the middle of a farm field. Luckily a friendly man, that lived right next door, pulled our car back on the road with his tractor and we were able to begin filming in the middle of a snow storm!"

Unknown Decoy has been a part of Jyväskylä Rock Academy and received professional guidance from people like Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.) and Mikko Von Hertzen (Von Hertzen Brothers)

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