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Third single from Cardiff dream-poppers Big Thing with Freaking Out

Debut single ‘Longbeach’ saw Big Thing exercising their pop nous, while ‘Spin’ showed a more chilled, shoegaze side to the band. On ‘Freaking Out’, Big Thing reveal their punkier side to us as they tear through this track in under 2 minutes 30. 'Freaking Out' flits between melodic and massive. Introspective verses make way for uninhibited choruses and a colossal guitar-driven crescendo, scrawling paranoia and excited anxiety on a glittering wall of noise.

After a chance meeting at Bargain Booze, Dan, Jen, Jonny and Matt were stoked to find a shared love of discount wine, shoegaze and dips.

Settling on the name Big Thing because the other names they came up with were even worse, the band started writing, recording and playing house shows, in their own houses, to nobody.

Influenced by bands such as Cocteau Twins, Wild Nothing and War on Drugs, you can draw your own conclusions.

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Discovered via Musosoup