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Thrash from North Karelia - Maniac Abductor released a new music video

Thrash from North Karelia: Maniac Abductor released a new music video "Fooled Again" from their upcoming debut album.

A Thrash Metal band from Joensuu Finland Maniac Abductor will release their debut album called "Casualties Of Causality" on May 10th via Inverse Records. Now the band has released the first single/music video "Fooled Again" from the album. You can also check the albums artwork and tracklist below:

The band comments:

"The road from our previous release music video/single "Fight Or Die" to the release of our debut album has been long but rewarding. The composing process of the album has made us grow as a musicians and "Fooled Again" is a primary example of that. It was the first brand new song composed for the album. It contains the attitude and aggressiveness combining the new and old school elements, which has worked as a foundation of our Thrash Metal. Sound vice for the album we were looking for more grandiosity and tightness, and we achieved that in the studio with "Fooled Again", which we have used as a base for the album"

Casualties Of Causality

1. Fooled Again 2. Watery Tomb 3. First World Disease 4. Evil Brotherhood 5. Destroyer Of Worlds 6. No Hope For You 7. Hatebound 8. Thrash Assault 9. Troops Of Doom (Sepultura cover)

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