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Three Minute Heroes (Joe Russell-Brown) - Nausea / Fatigue

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

“Three Minute Heroes is doing the right thing in exactly the right way” Withernsea School Headmaster

“The words are raw, honest & breathtaking - a body of work that is fresh, energetic & exciting” Mez Green – LIFE (band)

“Gives young people a powerful authentic voice to express what is bothering them & gives adults a new way to hear them” - Warren Youth Project

Take a bunch of talented musicians from Hull currently making waves with their own releases at Radio 1, 6Music and Radio X, then hook them up with the young people in the area who’ve been incredibly brave in expressing their feelings in both moving and insightful lyrics, and what do you get? An album of amazing music called Three Minute Heroes Vol 2. If ever there was an example of the healing power of music, Three Minute Heroes Vol 2 is it.

This mental health & music initiative is put together by the Hull based Warren Youth Project and is a continuation of the story following on from Three Minute Heroes Vol 1, which enjoyed love & support from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, Radio X, MOJO, RnR Mag & Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

First single from the album is Joe Russell- Brown’s Nausea / Fatigue – a hazy, laconic song that expresses the over-thinking of young people during moments of doubt & insecurity – something we can all relate to at some point in our life. Joe says of the process involved with creating the track, “initially I got sent a load of PDF’s of things that these young people had written & it was kind of just a pleasure to read through them. I had to think what would fit my sound, maybe what is something similar to what I would write, and eventually I found a piece”. The video for the track is cleverly illustrated by young people from The Warren & filmed by AOO Media.

As with all of the contributors on Three Minute Heroes Vol 2, Joe Russell-Brown is a Hull based artist. He’s enjoyed support on BBC 6Music, BBC Humberside ‘Introducing’ & others in recent years for his single Black Lungs & debut EP Post Youth Depression, which was recorded in his Gran’s bungalow & described as capturing Joe’s transition from acoustic songwriter to dream-pop band leader – lo-fi yet anthemic.

Nausea / Fatigue was released in conjunction with an online launch event streamed live on the Three Minute Heroes facebook page. You can find it on the page's timeline and it includes music, videos & interviews from Joe & other musicians involved in the making of the album. Please follow on your preferred social media platform to keep up to date with the Three Minute Heroes story.

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