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Right from the get-go, the «Call Me» kick-drum jackhammers out of the loudspeakers, pounds us towards the dance floor, to where Tim Freitag‘s guitar grabs our hips, primed for a quick party fling. My place or yours? Whatever! Main thing is to not go home alone. There, the primal drumbeat bangs even harder ‒ and then what? You leave your number behind... and dial that of an Uber. See you next time, but only if the dance floor doesn‘t satisfy. You know, «You only call me when you‘re lonely» sort of thing.

Tim Freitag blames no one for any unfulfilled desires. As Zürich-City boys, they know the game all too well: the vicious Tinder cycle of match, flirt, drinks, sex, and the empty void afterwards. At least the Quintet do a more than heroic job of filling this abyss with their catchiest, drivingest, most explosive number so far: a harbinger of their imminent debut album «Monsters Forever», release date March 2020. And, until then, we continue to gyrate in the Tinder-Tango – it doesn‘t hurt as long as we don‘t step on the tender little toes of one another’s feelings.

«Call Me is the 1st advance-single from Tim Freitag’s upcoming Album «Monsters Forever» - release date 13th of March 2020.

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