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Tom John Hall, outsider pop maverick, announces next single ‘At TheOffice’

“Gloriously wonky, lo-fi connection between indie-pop and synth-pop that just fits where the world is right now. Big ideas produced in isolation.” Louder The War

“Gets your brain box working overtime with some very clever lyrics.” Independent Music News

“A classic “sing-a-long” GodisintheTV

Following on from the downbeat charms of ‘Who’s Watching You’, outsider pop artist Tom John Hall returns with latest single ‘At The Office’, a big indie-rock track taking his love of big riffs and giving them his trademark wonk-pop shine.

“ I had my favourite guitar bands, like Thin Lizzy, Coheed & Cambria and Paramore, in mind when writing this one" , says Tom of his influences on the track. But that would be too simplistic a take, ‘At The Office’ takes inspiration from Randy Newman’s narrative storytelling and the off-kilter rhythmic explorations of Talking Heads and Devo.

The result of a work-place daydream, this is another piece in the aural puzzle of ‘My Big Album’, which is released in two distinct parts, again examining Hall’s personal place in our weird modern world, applying big philosophical ideas to the everyday.

“At The Office is a song about work. It’s also about not being able to be your weird self in the artificial environment of an office and landing yourself in a situation you just can’t identify with. Probably an all too familiar scenario for shy creatives,” explains Hall. The new single is sonic reassurance for anyone feeling trapped in a mundane job, having to stifle parts of the personality and their creativity to fit in. “I want to reach out to quiet, creative people who are just blending in,” explains Hall.

My Big Album is a gloriously wonky, bedroom pop record that, even though it has been years in the making, is the perfect reflection of life in 2020. This is isolation pop at its finest.



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